Are you ready to go from Pain to Peace?

You are tired of being tired and in pain. You want to break free from the stress and tension you feel in your body. Listen to your body and priorize self care with a massage!

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Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re feeling in pain or stressed.

Your pain and stress are affecting how you live your life.

You need help figuring out how to feel better.

Hi There! I'm Chesea

My Focus is You

At Pure Massage and Wellness, my goal is to provide a safe place for you to let go.

I know how long your to do list is and how heavy life’s burdens can get.

I offer a quiet space to slow down and re-connect your body, mind and spirit.

I focus on listening, to what you and your body need to improve your quality of life.


Our massage services offer a wide range of support. Whether it is a relaxing full body Swedish massage to reduce stress and increase blood flow or a deep tissue massage with range of motion stretches. Our therapist has over 10 years of experience in massage, with certifications in Lomi Lomi Hot Stone and Compassionate Touch massage.

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Our Reiki services focus on relaxation, stress reduction and creating a calming balance within your body. We offer the use of aromatherapy and crystals upon request.

Life Coach

Not Yet certified

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Do NOT feel guilty prioritizing your own self care !

Make Time
Make Time
Let Go
Let Go
Feel Great In Your Body
Feel Great In Your Body

We make getting you back to your full potential as stress-free as possible!

Kind Words From Clients.