Hi There! I'm Chelsea.
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Massage is loving touch

As a child my mom would put me to sleep with a massage. On a long road trip, my mom would reach over and rub my grandfather’s shoulders. After a long day on the farm my aunty would rub grandma’s feet. It was a massage train!

I was taught that through massage we are able to heal and share love.

My Path To Purpose

I started massage school the summer I graduated from college. In 2003 I completed East-West School of Healing Arts and started my own practice in Portland, OR. I spent the next five years growing as a therapist.

After the birth of my first child, I had to leave massage and get a desk job with health insurance. I obtained my Masters in Healthcare Administration and for 10 years I worked as a hospital compliance and privacy officer.

In January of 2021, a serious event at work caused me to suffer from burnout. I enrolled in a free stress management program provided by my health insurance. After working with the counselor and life coach, I admitted that my work was negatively affecting my quality of life. I was barely eating, sleeping or laughing. I was in constant pain, my stomach was a mess and my poor family did NOT get what they needed either.

After serious honesty between my soul, heart, and brain I decided it was time to leave the stress of the corporate desk job. I then felt called to become certified in Reiki and the experience was life-changing in every way!

We moved our family back home to The Dalles, OR. As I prepared to open this practice, every step fell into place and I knew this was meant to be. Even now as the path unfolds I lean in to listen to what is next. How can I improve and help more people in my community?

Now my success is not based on how much money I make or my title; but how many lives I touch and improv

Fun Facts About Me

I trained in classical singing for 13 years.

I spent summers on my grandparents farm in Montana.

I moved every 2 years of my life. I have lots of friends all over the NW.

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