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I am a healer who helps people release emotional and physical pain from their bodies using massage and reiki techniques.

With trust and intuition, I uncover your pain and help you release your pain.

So you can feel good in your body and live life to your FULL potential!

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Are you feeling stressed or in pain?

If you need to let go of stress and relax your muscles, then I can help.

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Here are some ways I can help you feel better in your body.


It’s time to figure out what is hurting in your body


It is time to remove the walls and let your true self to shine through

Hi There! I'm Chelsea.

I am a healer...

For much of my life, I’ve been providing healing touch to my friends and family.

I got my Massage license in 2002 and my Reiki certificate in 2021.

Helping people let go of their stress and pain is my calling. I love using my gift to help people feel heard and cared for.

It is quick and easy to schedule self-care !


Schedule Session

It is easy to schedule a session using online scheduler, which sends email and text reminders.


Experience Healing

Come prepared to relax, exhale and let go of your pain and stress. Make time for extended self care after your session by taking it easy with a nap or a hot bath.


Feel Better

Your body will say “Thank You” and continue to feel even better in the days after your healing session. You might even be able to do things that previously hurt or notice your stress has decreased.

Kind Words From Clients.

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